PS5 The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide!!

The PS5 is one of the superb consoles, which provides an incredible next-generation gaming experience that is more likely to get better when more exclusive titles are incorporated over time. You should know that PlayStation 5 has proved to be well-designed and powerful for running demanding games, which are integrated with ultra HD graphics.

However, one must understand that everything comes with a downside, which keeps PlayStation 5 from achieving the score of five-star. Otherwise, it has some deadly features, which can provide you with an incredible gaming experience and allow you to explore the world of next-generation gaming. So, lets us focus on the features of PlayStation 5.

  • Design

The PlayStation 5 is relatively huge compared to modern gaming consoles as it is listed under the heavyweight division. Moreover, Sony has manufactured the largest console ever, which is too big for a device to sit below the TV. Most gamers have to think about upgrading their entertainment centers or current setup to attain the new machine manufactured by Sony while thinking about purchasing a new console. You should know that the shape and colors of the console are quite polarizing. That means some will love the simple design of the product while some will hate it; there is nothing to deny.

  • Performance

The Play Station 5 offers an unmatched gaming performance that you have ever witnessed as it is capable of supporting 8k/60 as well as 4k/120fps gameplay. Moreover, it is integrated with an upgraded SSD that means it will load the game faster. Sony has incorporated tempest 3D audio tech, which is like atmos-lite, and they have ensured that the system will stay cool and quiet while running most of the time.

However, when it comes to the specification of Playstation 5, it offers impressive hardware, including the octa-core AMD Zen 2-based CPU combined with a 3.5ghz clock speed. It has the capability of running 8k resolution games. But the PlayStation 5 has been using an 825GB SSD instead of, let’s say, 1 TB or 2TB for storage as the current storage fills up quickly.

  • Controller

When you purchase the new Playstation 5, you will get a new dual sense controller, a real revolution from the Dualshock 4. Moreover, the controller is integrated with adaptive triggers along with haptic feedback. You should know that the controller is combined with a mute button, which can mute your mic and allow you to complete control over the features of the PlayStation 5.

Total Score
  • Design
    95/100 The best
  • Performance
    85/100 Amazing
  • Controller
    80/100 Very good


  • It supports 8K/60 and 4K/120 frame rates per second.
  • The PlayStation plus offers excellent value.
  • It comes with revolutionary controller haptics.
  • It is integrated with a fast, beautiful UI.
  • It can load the game significantly faster.


  • You might find the size of the PlayStation 5 somewhat tricky.
  • The SSD drive fills up quickly, even after having 825GB.
  • The launch library might get filled.
  • It offers limited backward compatibility.
  • It does not support Dolby Atmos or vision.
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