Do You lack The Power Of Customer Reviews In Your Business? Try Trustpilot

Most of the people who are running an online business are very well known for the concept of the Trustpilot website. It is a review compiler website that helps out a business get some genuine reviews from the customers. When a person gets out shopping in the market, they take the reviews from some near and dears before buying a product or service, but in the online business case, those near and dears are unable to help.

That is why a person keeps looking for the reviews of the product that they are looking for. Moreover, people have become smarter nowadays as they are known to the concept of fake reviews; that is why they try to choose some forums that show them the correct reviews. One such website is Trustpilot. It is a web-based forum that is helping out businesses in listing their business and enabling the customers to post some genuine comments about their business that has a real story. Now let us learn more about Trustpilot in detail.

Features offered by Trustpilot

There is a list of features that are offered by Trustpilot, which are discussed below in detail.

  • If you are a customer, you can find plenty of business reviews on this website that are properly categorized.
  • There is an option through which a business can generate its profile page and keep it updated.
  • There is a dashboard available for the business manager who is handling this review page. Through this dashboard, one can get a detailed insight of the customers of yours and notifies when you get a review.
  • If you think that you have a customer who has left your website without giving a review, you can also send an invitation. The tool generates an automated email for invitation if they have accessed the tool before buying from you.
  • Business partners can also integrate the Trustpilot reviews with the Google seller ratings they have achieved.

If you are looking for the Trustpilot review, you should go through the pros and cons mentioned below.


  • The website is unique due to its more straightforward user –interface and searching options.
  • One can also search for reviews based on a particular product instead of business.
  • Help empower your customers and let you use the positive reviews for gabbing attention and negative ones for improvement.
  • A customer can get rid of the fake reviews that are available on the seller's portal. Trustpilot helps to see the product's real image and the truth behind the scenes through genuine, unadulterated reviews.


  • The platform sometimes took too much time to investigate the issue of fake reviews that are posted by counterfeit buyers planted by businesses.
  • The cost that they charge from the businesses is at a little higher end. The above mentioned is a detailed Trustpilot review bundled with its features, pros, and cons. Now it is your choice that you have to use this platform for your business listing or not.
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