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It looks like the luxurious phone, the iphone 12 pro launched in 2020, has stamped its position in the market with its best features. The design of this amazing version resembles somewhat to the iphone6 launched a few years ago. It weighs about 250 g that means it is heavier than the iphone12 and has a screen of 5.8 inches. The very shiny iphone 12 pro has been one of the significant achievements of apple as it has observed a great number of sales with the affordable price of $1,379, and the amount varies with the storage. The 5G support enables the user to avail every detail using this mobile phone, and since the OLED screen is common to all the iphone versions, you will find the same in this phone too. Here is the complete iphone 12 Pro review to help you with the details.


The borders are rounded and covered with the metal frames is a feature that was not observed in the previously launched versions, which makes the hold more strong and secure for the users.

Iphone works on the Apple A14 Bionic processor offering the top performance and carries the 6GB Ram that makes the space sufficiently large to store the data that can be extended upto 128, 256, or 512 GB.

The long battery life of about 40 hours works fine for the users, which sums up the battery longevity for more than one day under certain conditions. It charges fastly and takes approximately 2 hours to charge completely using the wireless charger.

Considering the camera, it has three 12-megapixel cameras at the rear side and one at the front side, offering high clarity pictures even in the dim light and with the noise control. Video quality is considered to be excellent for this phone.

Made with recycled tin and other metals, the iphone 12 is environment friendly and does not pose any danger to it.

Buying an iphone 12 pro is highly recommended as the features and properties are favorable for every user, and the limitations are very few, which means the features stand out. It is a good iphone launched by apple that is lauded with lots of benefits.

Total Score
  • Features
    90/100 Amazing


  • The triple camera on the rear side is highly improved with the telephoto camera, which allows the users to zoom the picture upto 2x.
  • The night mode comes with the portrait mode, which helps in clicking better pictures even at night.
  • Highly water-resistant, the iphone12 can remain in the water for 30 minutes at about the depth of 6 meters.
  • Improved face identification feature better than one you can find in other versions and recognizes the face immediately.
  • The MagSafe chargers of the iphone 12 are completely wireless and make the attachment easy with the fast charging.


  • The phone does not come with the charger, so you have to arrange the one for yourself.
  • The zooming power using the telephoto camera is only upto 2x, which does not take you much close to the aim.
  • The iphone 12 is heavier than the other versions making it slightly difficult to hold for the users.
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