Google Wifi – Detailed Review For Buyers


Google Wifi – The Ultimate Guide For Buyers’!!

Google Wifi is the most convenient and easiest router to step up in your home. It is among the top mesh routers, which has outperformed other routers. Moreover, it is integrated with a simple design, which makes the mesh router line up a bit minimal and more modern, but you should know that it is combined with tons of features and benefits at affordable prices.

The best thing about Google Wifi is that it is pretty easy to step up and allow you to manage the network with the help of respective mobile applications, which makes the process painless as you can switch over to a mesh router and control the network. It is perfect for those individuals who are looking for a mesh router for heavy-duty.

Everybody knows that Google is so interested in bringing up next-generation routers. It should go without saying that it offers a better value and price than routers like Samsung connect to a home or Netgear orbi, even though they were introduced first in the market.

Google Wifi
Google Wifi
  • Design And Setup

Apart from offering the most affordable price, it also provides one of the sleekest designed Wi-Fi units and allows users to set up the mesh router easily. Moreover, each Google Wifi unit has a small cylindrical shape integrated with a white LED band that delivers exact compatibility.

You can make use of Google Wifi as the core of the entire system, and others can widen the coverage area, which will provide units wirelessly, including Ethernet ports and wireless interest. You should know that every unit is powered by USB-C. The best thing about Google Wifi is that setting up the mesh router is as simple as the design of the router.

That means you can use your respective android and IOS devices to access the whole process to facilitate its working. All you are required to do is scan the QR code available on the wifi device, and it will connect you with the gateway or modem. The application will need you to fill in a name and create a password; you can pair it with other supplementary Wi-Fi to increase the coverage area.

Google Wifi Router
Google Wifi Router
  • Performance

The Google Wifi will provide a match performance to Netgear orbi.  It delivers performance equivalent to 100mbps, which has not been seen in any other router available at the same price or a little higher. You should know that the primary difference between Google Wifi and other routers is that it can bring high performance and coverage to every room of a house.

That means you will be able to live stream 4k video on your Netflix. You should know that it is integrated with a special feature, which provides you with maximum bandwidth when playing any game. Moreover, the network will automatically resolve the problem when one or more Wi-Fi points lose their power accidentally.


Google Wifi Review

Google Wifi Review
73 100 0 1
Total Score
  • Design And Setup
    65/100 Good
  • Performance
    80/100 Very good

Pros About Google Wifi

  • It is super easy to set the google wifi.
  • It is available at the most affordable price.
  • It is integrated with excellent design.

Cons About Google Wifi

  • It only controls limited hardware.
  • It offers a lower AC rating.
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