Fujifilm GFX100S Full Buyer’s Guide

Fujifilm camera
Fujifilm camera

Fujifilm GFX100S – Detailed Review And Buyer’s Guide!!!

The Fujifilm GFX100S is among the advanced technology developments of the company’s medium-format lineup of 100MP sensors in a DSLR style body. But you should not mistake this predictability for complacency. You should know that It has happened for the first time that a medium format 100MP camera is combined in a DSLR shaped body, which is integrated with image stabilization and costing you as much as the latest complete mirror-less snappers.

By blending this kind of technology of GFX100S with elements from the APS-C sensor X-T4, Fujifilm has developed one of the powerful cameras available at affordable prices. So, let’s have a look at the features of Fujifilm GFX100S.

Fujifilm GFX100S
Fujifilm GFX100S
  • Compact Design

The company announced integrating image stabilization into the camera system, which means it is more practical to think that Fujifilm GFX100S will be shaped like a DSLR camera instead of a GFX 50R layout. But one should know that the numerous downsizing efforts were considered the design of 50R, which has been applied in the GFX100S, creating a smaller design compared to the original GFX 50S.

Moreover, the Fujifilm GFX100S has a control layout integrated with a large LCD top-notch display along with numerous custom buttons. On the left shoulder, the company has incorporated conventional dial mode and button-within-a-dial arrangement.

  • Image Stabilization

The Fujifilm has incorporated in-body image stabilization in its GFX100S as Fujifilm was able to miniaturize the IS systems used in X-T4, X-H1, and X-S10 series. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the mechanism size of the original GFX100S to enable you to fit in a smaller body. Despite the reduction in size, the newly integrated mechanism is quite effective and efficient than the preceding ones.

The company has incorporated more lenses, delivering a performance of improved rating of 1EV with max combinations. The sync system makes use of every both body IS and lens to correct yaw and pitch. Despite being integrated with an image stabilization mechanism, it only performs well in static subjects like artwork reproduction. Though, it makes sure to capture an image with red, green, and blue pixels for each location and then do the same with a slight offset.

  • Eight-Direction Control Nub

Earlier, a four-direction joystick was integrated with GFX models, which has now been replaced with a flatter, wider textured nub that enables diagonal control along with horizontal and vertical. Moreover, the lower profile used in the camera makes it easier for you to adjust the AF point and allow you to navigate throughout the menu without worrying about the risk of accidentally pressing it inside, which can result in resetting the AF point or will accept the chosen menu setting.

Fujifilm GFX100S Camera
Fujifilm GFX100S Camera



Fujifilm GFX100S

Fujifilm GFX100S
57 100 0 1
Fujifilm GFX100S Review Scores
Fujifilm GFX100S Review Scores
Total Score
  • Lens Quality
    60/100 Normal
  • Total Weight
    40/100 Passably
  • Image Stabilization
    70/100 Good

Pros About Fujifim GFX100S

  • The company has improved IBIS.
  • It is integrated with a 102MP camera on tap.
  • The compact body is relatively small, making it easy for users to handle it properly.

Cons About Fujifim GFX100S

  • The continuous AF is not perfect yet.
  • The camera is still quite heavy.
  • The camera is still quite expensive for some people.
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