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Cloudflare Reviews- What All Will You Get Inside, Its Pros, And Cons

The major question roaming around in the mind of website owners nowadays is regarding the free softwares that can provide them security, DNS, and CDN services. For the website and online content creators, the website’s performance and its security are the major concerns.

For all such concerns and questions, the only answer is CloudFlare software.  This software is now on the rise that works in an integrated form with the websites. It provides the task of management of the security of the website and keeps on clocking the website’s performance to provide a smooth experience to the customers visiting. If you are not well known about the software and want to know in detail about it, then you should read the below-mentioned information.



Features of Cloudflare

Some of the specifications of the Cloudflare tool are mentioned below in detail.

  • The web console of the software has an overview page that will give you a complete status of your website, its speed, and the DNS setting you have applied.
  • There are more than 15 functional areas on the page that have different options of analytics, firewall, page rules, traffic, and network option. One can see a graphical representation of all these aspects, which can help your review the performance of your website.
  • With just a click, a person can run the speed test. If the speed is less than what the optimization tool will activate, that will give you the report and will help you optimize your speed upto 65% within minutes.
  • The cache settings and its clearing is also an important aspect of the website handling for improving the speed, which is well managed by Cloudflare.
  • There are some instances when your original server is not available, due to which the content is not delivered to the audience. But with CloudFlare, this issue is resolved. The content will be available for the audience always no matter your server is available or not, which makes it a unique feature of a CDN tool.



Cloudflare Review

Cloudflare Review
60 100 0 1
Total Score
  • Security
    70/100 Good
  • Speed
    60/100 Normal
  • Site Optimization
    50/100 Neutral

Pros About Cloudflare

  • Genuinely helps in the improvement of the website without letting you work harder on improvement chores.
  • The run time of the website is reduced with the help of Cloudflare as the unavailability of the primary server doesn't affect much.
  • The free offering of this tool is like a boon for the businesses as they are not ready to invest much in the initial phases.
  • This tool's operation is effortless, along with a 24*7 availability of the customer support staff to pull you out of any issue.

Cons About Cloudflare

  • The business plans of Cloudflare don't provide much value.
  • Some features are available for free on other websites for which they charge money from you.
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